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Catalogs of Pudak Scientific are carefully arranged, complete with product codes, specifications, usage examples and color photographs. You may download these catalogs in the form of PDF documents for more detailed information.
Some of these catalogs are relatively large in size, and for your convenience in downloading these files are divided into several parts.

For example:
Physics Physics Experiment System (1/5), means this catalog is part 1 from total of 5 parts.

You will need to download part (1/5) to part (5/5) to get the complete catalog.
If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Please select a category on the right column Catalog (Choose Category) :
Elementary School
SEQIP Posters (Language: Indonesian)
File Size: 1.858 KB
Pudak SEQIP for Elementary School (Language: Indonesian)
File Size: 1.018 KB
Science Kit for Elementary School (Language: Indonesian)
File Size: 750 KB
Laboratory Furniture
Earth and Space Science
Training Panel System
Computer Based Experiment System
Elementary School
Automation and Robotics
Automotive Training System
OT 203A
OT 110C H02N
PT 920900A
PT 970102AL
SET 907
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