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Pudak Scientific Exhibition in Larfa in Vitro of Santa Laurensia School
On May 8-9, 2015 Pudak Scientific had an exhibition in the Larfa in Vitro event of Santa laurensia School, in Serpong, Tanggerang. Larfa in Vitro was an event to celebrate the school’s 20th dies natalis. This event was also carried out various competitions for Santa Laurensia School Students and its neighbor schools students. Quoted from Santa-Laurensia.com, Larfa in Vitro, which taken from the words Larvae and In Vitro, was a unique event to accommodate science, social science, and art in a form that strengthening one and another. In fact, this event succeeded in accommodates students’ interest and talent optimally. 

In this event, Pudak Scientific, which stand was placed in front of the biology laboratory, exhibited various educational aids for elementary to high school. The educational aids exhibited included wimshurst machine, floating globe, Van de Graaff generator, KIT of wind renewable energy from leXsolar, KIT of fuelcell renewable energy from leXsolar, KIT of geometrical optic, and many more.

By participating in this event, Pudak Scientific intended to actively involve in educational events. Keep moving forward Indonesian education world!
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