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Pudak Scientific in Bengkalis Expo 2015
Pudak Scientific participated in the Bengkalis Expo 2015, an event organized by the regional government of Bengkalis and was also attended by businessmen, government institutions, regencies governments, as well as the states owned and region owned enterprises in Bengkalis Regency.

The event was held on May 13-17, 2015, in the Lembaga Adat Melayu Riau (LAMR), Duri District. In this event Pudak Scientifc exhibited various educational aids for elementary school up to high school, included wimshurst machine, floating globe, Van de Graaff generator,  Geometric Optics KIT, and many more interesting educational aids.

One visitor, a teacher, said that teaching will be more exciting and easier and student will be more interested in the subject studied if those educational aids available in his school. Similar opinion was also conveyed by students visited Pudak Scientific’s booth, they said that they will have more fun in study if their school had such educational aids.
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