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Workshop of Chemistry Application on Everyday Life on May 28, 2015
On May 28, 205, Pudak Scinetific held the “Workshop of Chemistry Application on Everyday Life”. The main speaker for this workshop was Risa, M.Pd – a chemistry lecturer of Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.

In her presentation, she explained that chemistry is everything. Every matter that has mass and occupied a space is the subject of chemistry, not only the hazardous chemical. She also emphasized that chemistry should not only to be learned through the formulas, but also through experiments of making chemical solutions commonly used in everyday life, such as shampoo, candy, soap, and many more. This kind of experiments was intended to make chemistry more common, less frightening, and have a plus value for students and environment. 

Participants attended this event were teachers and laboratory assistants from Cirebon, Sumedang, Garut, and Serang. Participants were trained to have skill on experiments of chemistry application in everyday life easily applied for school experiments, such as:
  • Liquid dish washing soap.
  • Bar soap.
  • Soft soap (sabun colek)
  • Floor disinfectant cleaner
  • Mayonnaise.
Pudak Scientific will continue to hold various workshops to improve teachers’ competences.
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