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Human Circulatory System Physiology, Jun 6, 2015
Human circulatory system is a complex subject and the foundation of many other subjects in biology learning in school, such as the excretion system and secretion system. Therefore, blood circulation system is very important to be understood by students as the fundamental to learn the respiratory system and excretion system. For this reason, Pudak Scientific held the workshop of Human Circulation System Physiology. This workshop was held in Pudak Training Center, Gedebage, Bandung and was attended by participants who were some from Manado, Sulawesi Utara and the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

In this training participants were invited to learn experiments of human circulatory system physiology that include:
  • Blood type experiment
  • Blood clotting experiment
  • Blood cell concentration experiment
  • Blood micro slide making experiment
  • Blood cell counting experiment by using the hemocytometer
  • Hemoglobin rate experiment
  • Heart muscle contraction and heart activity experiment by using the EKG sensor
  • Blood pressure experiment
  • Fish blood vessel observation
Participants were very enthusiastic in following the experiments. These were very useful experiments. By doing this experiments participants will know their heart health, blood type, hemoglobin rate, blood pressure, the dissolved red blood cell and white blood cell rate to identify their health.

This workshop on June 6, 2015, was expected to improve teachers’ competence; therefore they can produce qualified students for a better future for our nation.
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