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The Purpose of Educational Aids

Educational aid is a facility that should be available in school, training center, or any other educational institution to support a more effective and efficient teaching and learning activities. Using educational aids in learning activity will help students to understand the subject being learned and also help teacher in explaining the material to students. It will also encourage a more active class activity because students will not only passively listen to teachers’ explanation. Students will be able to feel, experience, and witness phenomenon conveyed in a theory, thus they will have a better understanding of that theory. In other words, students will have a direct experience during learning, which result in a more interesting learning activity. Therefore, the learning objectives will be reached accordingly and as the planned target.

Educational aids products should function properly to accommodate learning activities. Besides factory made educational aids products, teachers can also made simple educational aids themselves by using ingredients and material easily found in daily life. The main concern should be that the educational aids used can clearly visualize or provide proper experiment result in accordance with the subject being learned.

However, a certain kind of education required a special educational aid that cannot be made by teachers themselves. For example, vocational education required trainers that resemble the real machine. Trainers used in vocational schools and training center should have form and size similar the real machine or parts of the machines. For example, automotive vocational school required trainers of car or motorcycle machines, the whole part of the machine or sections of it. There are also trainers that are models of smaller scale of the real machine, such as trainers of industry automation system that use conveyor belt and sensors to sort material. Another example is elevator system to take passengers or goods up and down in high rise buildings.

These trainers consist of various components and required a special attention to assemble. Trainers should be particularly designed in order to be able to resemble and function as the real machine, thus students can properly learn the system and will be familiar when operating the real system. It also should be made and assembled in a particular way using industrial machines handled and under surveillance of the experts. It should fulfill a certain standard to be safe and durable.

School’s laboratory room where the educational aids or trainers are placed should also be concerned. Laboratory room should be safe and accommodate students and teachers activities during experiment, while using the educational aids.

Educational aids products not only should have good quality, easy to use, and safe, but also should follow technology development, particularly educational aids for technical field of study. Certain educational aids required electronics component commonly used. Therefore, continued product research and development is required to make sure educational aids products are in accordance with education requirements and technology development. 

Pudak Scientific, educational aids manufacturer that has been established for decades, always try to provide reliable and useful products for education. Realizing the importance of education for a nation, Pudak Scientific products are designed and prepared to be the best products that can properly support education process. Pudak Scientific provides the best educational aids products for all field of study and all education levels, from early childhood development school up to university. Pudak Scientific products are manufactured in Pudak Scientific’s factory and distributed to schools all over Indonesia and abroad.

Pudak Scientific

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