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Workshop of School’s Science Laboratory Safety and Waste Management
Even thought it should be the primary attention during experiment in school laboratory, most schools in Indonesia have not paid enough attention toward the safety in school science laboratory. Besides the safety, laboratory waste disposal procedure is often neglected. School laboratory users, the students, teachers, and laboratory assistants are still disposing the waste carelessly and not aware about the effect of laboratory waste to environment. To increase awareness towards the work safety and waste management during science experiment in school laboratory, on October 14, 2017, Pudak Scientific had once again held the workshop of “School Science Laboratory Safety and Waste Management”.

The main speaker for this workshop was Dr. Arie Hardian, M.Si., a lecturer in Universitas Jendral Achmad Yani (UNJANI). He emphasized about the technical matters to handle laboratory accident victims. Moreover, he also conveyed about the tips to properly manage school laboratory waste, which hopefully can be applied in participants’ schools. 

After the main speaker presentation, participants were invited to have group photo, then having lunch break. Next, participants visited Pudak Scientific’s factory to see the production process of Pudak Scientific’s educational aids products in order to increase their knowledge about educational aids.

After factory visit, the sixteen participants from various regions in Indonesia continued the workshop by doing simulations about work safety in school laboratory that included:
  • simulation of safety equipment procurement
  • simulation of waste management
  • simulation of laboratory work accident and disaster
Participants were very enthusiastic and excited in making the equipment plan; choosing, separating, and disposing laboratory waste; and having a role play in work accident simulation.

The workshop held at Pudak Training Center, in Gedebage, Bandung was ended at 5.00 p.m. western Indonesian time. Participants were satisfied after following this workshop. One participant said that this workshop gave new knowledge regarding laboratory, particularly about the waste. We wished that through this workshop, Pudak Scientific will continuously involve in improving Indonesian education.
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