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Towards Pudak Scientific Educational Workshops of 2018
In 2017 Pudak Scientific has held various educational workshops, the ones held regularly at Pudak Training Center and the ones held incorporated with Pudak Scientific’s partners, in Bandung or any other cities in Indonesia. These workshops attended by participants from various region of Indonesia included workshops of science, mathematics, social science, and vocational technologies.

Pudak Scientific held educational workshops as a realization of the commitment to give active contribution in improving Indonesian education. Through these workshops, Pudak Scientific tried to provide new view towards education, knowledge enrichment, and skill improvement for educators and anyone interested in education.

Regular workshops at Pudak Training Center in Bandung was held in a room similar to school laboratory that equipped with equipment required for experiment, safety equipment, and other equipment. This workshop room in Pudak Training Center could be a model for proper school laboratory.

Pudak Scientific workshop had expert and experienced speakers in their field. These speakers shared their knowledge and experiences, supported by Pudak Scientific Technical Support team as the instructors during the workshop.

Besides workshop activities in the room, participants of regular workshop at Pudak Training Center were also invited to visit Pudak Scientific factory located in the same complex. In this factory visit participants saw the production processes of various Pudak Scientific educational aids products. Participants also allowed to experience the production process for some particular process. By introducing the production process of our educational aids products, participants were expected to have more understanding in how to use, maintain, and have simple repair of the products. 

Approaching 2018, various experiences, lacks, and failures we found during the 2017 workshops will be our foundation to improve the workshops that will be held in 2018, which material and schedule are being prepared by Pudak Scientific’s Technical Support team.

We wish to be able to continuously provide our contribution in education through educational workshops and educational aids products procurement. We will soon announce the workshops schedule for 2018
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