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Installation and Trial of Education Teaching Equipment at a number of Vocational Training Center (BLK)

Pudak Scientific's R & D team members, which are divided into several technical team groups, have been assigned to various regions in Indonesia, from Aceh to Papua and from Banjarmasin to Bima, to carry out installation and testing of educational equipment made by Pudak Scientific, in the vocational training center units (BLK). The activity took place continuously for almost 2 months, which began in mid-November 2018.

The implementation of all of these activities can be said to have gone well thanks to thorough preparation from all the personnel involved since the time of packing the goods and shipping them to the location up to the time of the departure of the technical teams to each location. Some minor obstacles may be found in several locations, but it does not become a significant obstacle to the overall implementation of activities.

In addition to the installation and testing of equipment, the technical team also provides training and instructions on how to use these equipment to prospective users.

Here are some educational teaching aids that have been received by each unit of the vocational training center:

With the availability of educational teaching aids in each of the vocational training centers , hopefully teaching and learning activities become much easier, can be a trigger for new ideas to arise, both for the development of equipment, and for the development of learning methods. Thus, it is expected, from this institution to produce experts in their respective fields with the maximum possible ability.

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