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Science Skill Optimization of BPK Penabur Teachers
Science learning will be optimize when the teachers and lab. assistants have good knowledge on science educational aids usage. Therefore, BPK Penabur Cirebon hold an activity of science skill optimization for teachers and lab. assistants in collaboration with Pudak Scienctific Bandung on December 3-4, 2019.

The workshop attended by BPK Penabur representatives from 13 cities in Indonesia and took place at Penabur Cirebon Science Center (PCSC) BPK Penabur Cirebon. PCSC is one of the facilities which built by BPK Penabur Cirebon for science laboratory activity.



We thank the BPK Penabur Foundation and the BPK Penabur Cirebon for entrusting the training to increase the knowledge and insight of BPK Penabur teachers to Pudak Scientific.
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