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Factory Visit of Politeknik Penerbangan Palembang

Pudak Scientific received a working visit from Politeknik Penerbangan Palembang (Palembang Aviation Polytechnic). The team that was represented by 7 lecturers arrived at 13.00 at the Pudak Scientific factory, located on Jalan Mekar Raya Kav.12 Gedebage-Bandung.

This working visit aims to discuss educational facilities and supporting laboratories needed by Palembang Aviation Polytechnic. Presentation and discussion on the needs for teaching aids that are adjusted to the subject are conducted by the lecturers and the Pudak Scientific team, which is represented by the Research and Development (R&D) staff and the Sales & Marketing team.

We thank the Palembang Aviation Polytechnic who has visited and consulted on the needs for educational teaching aids with Pudak Scientific.

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