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Pudak Scientific Elementary School Science Kits and Posters
PUDAK SCIENTIFIC Science kits and posters for Elementary School are kits and posters which are developed by Science Education Quality Improvement Project - SEQIP, Indonesian Ministry of National Education (DEPDIKNAS), in cooperation with the German government. PUDAK SCIENTIFIC has gained the confidence to produce student science kits and posters and to supply them to the DEPDIKNAS.

Taking advantage of kit that has been made, PUDAK SCIENTIFIC is trying to develop guidelines using science kits and posters in the form of Student Experiment Sheet (LKS - Lembar Kerja Siswa) and the Student Activity Sheet (LAS - Lembar Aktifitas Siswa), based on the units that have been developed by SEQIP viz.: The Balance, The Water, The Minerals, The Sound, The Coal and Petroleum, The Light, The Optics, The Simple Device, The Heat, The Magnets, The Electricity, The Wind, The Animal Adaptation, The Nutrition, The Digestion, The Energy Transformation, The Plant Breeding, The Solar System, and The Sun, Earth and Moon.

PUDAK SCIENTIFIC operates globally, that is, developed LKS and LAS is not oriented toward a specific curriculum, but on its "science" or "subject of matter". In the case of science at the Elementary School, science subjects typically are "science in everyday life", not "academic science". PUDAK SCIENTIFIC tries to follow this pattern in LPS and LAS preparation.

In the usage, teachers need to sort the order of presentation, in accordance with their teaching programs or curriculum. Indonesia is currently applying Competency-Based Curriculum (KBK - Kurikulum Berbasis Kompetensi).

At this moment a whole tool kit consists of 11 kits, and 8 "teaching aids" each with a "unit study" or "units" as follows:

Kit Name    Kit Contents    Quantity       
Balance Kit
9600100         Balance stand board    1       
                         Balance arm    1       
                         Balance foot    2       
                         Balance plate and cord    2       
                         Balance weights    1 set       
Water Kit
9600200        Vessel    1       
                         Botle    1       
                         Board    1       
                         Hose    1       
                         Clay (wax toy)    1        
                         Metal plate    1       
                         Metal vessel    1       
                         Pipette (eye dropper)    1       
Mineral Kit
9600300         Rocks and minerals    12 types       
                         Description card    12 types       
Sound Kit
9600500         Sound box + one string (mono cord)    1       
                         Bridge    1       
Coal and Petroleum Kit
9600900         Petroleum and its product    6 botles       
                         Soft coal    1       
                         Coal    1       
                         Charcoal    1       
Light Kit
9601000         Light Box + 2 batteries    1       
                         Mirror    1       
                         Prism, 90°    1       
Optic Kit
9601100         Magnifier    1       
                         Prism, 60°    1    

Kit Name    Kit Contents    Quantity       
Simple Device Kit
9601201         Lever    1       
                         Wheel and axle    4       
                          Friction block    1       
                          Axle    1       
                          Hook    2       
                          Balancer (rider)    1       
Heat Kit
9601401    Thermometer,  –10°–0°–110°C    1       
                          Spirit burner    1       
                          Manometer holder    1       
                          Plastic pipe    3       
                          Rubber hose    2       
                          Cooper rod    1       
                          Steel rod    1       
                          Glass rod    1       
Magnet Kit
9601600         Rod magnet    1 pasang       
                         Container and lid    1 pasang       
                          Magnet bearers    1       
Electricity Kit
9601700         Assembly board    1       
                          Battery holder    2       
                          Battery    2       
                          Switch    2       
                          Lamp holder    2       
                          Light bulb    2       
                          Red cable    3       
                          Black cable    3       
                          Conductor holder    1       
                          Conductor and non-conductor    5       
                          Electric motor    1       
                          Wheel and axle    1       
                          Belt    1    

    Poster and Card / Teaching aid
Kit Name    Kit Contents    Quantity       
Wind Poster
9600400    Sea breeze and land breeze poster    1       
Animal Adaption Cards
9600600         Poster    1       
                         Cards    12       
Nutrition Cards
9600700    Nutrition cards    5       
    Food cards    19       
Digestive Cards
9600800    Poster    1       
    Cards    6       
Energi Transformation Poster
9601300         Poster    1       
                         Cards    6       
Plant Breeding Poster
9601500         Poster    1       
Solar System Poster
9601800         Poster    1       
                         Apron    10       
Sun, Earth and Moon Aprons
9601900         Apron    3    

Kit contains tools to conduct experiments by students. The experiment tools are not suitable for the demonstration, because they relatively in small sizes.

A general tool to assist teachers in explaining the various things related to science. After using the posters as a learning tool, they are good to be used as ornaments on the walls of the classroom, especially at a time when associated matters is in the learning process. In this way any time students can see for strengthening the understanding and discussion outside of school hours.

PUDAK SCIENTIFIC's SEQIP Series consists of 3 packaging, viz.:
· Set contents 1, contains 1 kit and 1 set of tools.
· Set the contents of 5, with 5 kits and 1 set of tools.
· Set contents 10, containing 10 kits and tool sets 1

*For further details & price please contact us: sales@pudak.co.id

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