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FGE 13
Ripple Tank, with Digital Stroboscope
The Ripple Tank is a set of tools that can be used to demonstrate or experiment concerning basic properties of wave such as reflection, refraction, difraction and interferention. Wave is simulated by generating wave on water surface. By the help of a lamp and a mirror, the water surface is reflected to the translucent screen then the wave shadow can be seen and observed.

This apparatus comprises a water tank which is supported by iron frame, a translucent screen, a mirror and a lamp and some other supporting tools.

The Ripple Tank FGE 13 is an enhancement of the previous model FGE 12 with additional of stroboscope device that can make the wave on the translucent display looks motionless, therefore the wave is easier observed. The wave's shadow on the display can be made move or not by switching the control switch on the stroboscope device. Wave frequency is directly displayed on the stroboscope's indicator.

The Digital Stroboscope PWM 145 provided with 12 volt, 25 watt halogen lamp which makes the shadow is seen sharply. The disc rotation speed is adjustable, thus in synchron mode, strobo and water waves frequencies are synchronized, so that it produces the motionless shadow display, while in asynchron mode the shadow will move. The stroboscope device is also provided with manual trigger function to produce wave one at a time.
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