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PT 980329
Conveyor Trainer
The Conveyor Trainer is designed to demonstrate and simulate the operations of the belt conveyor, can be used as an PLC application to show PLC interfacing and control based on production line application in manufacture industry. Used industrial pneumatic valves, cylinder and sensor.

Based on a belt type conveyor with sensors placed at various location to detect object on the belt. The object sorted and distributed based on metal or non-metal object. For non-metal object sorted again and distributed based on color (black or white).

Can be Interfaced with any PLC type. All input and output are equipped with robust 4-mm sockets for easy connection.

Provided with experiment manual book.

Experiment topics:
  • Introduction to Conveyor
  • Object Sensor
  • Actuation of Cylinder
  • Motor Control
  • Sorting and Distribution Based on Metal or Non-Metal
  • Sorting and Distribution Based on Material Type and Color of Object

Complete specification.

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