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PT 980421
Signaling System Installation Trainer

The Signaling System Installation Trainer it designed for easy assembly, analysis. Signaling System Installation used in hotels, hospitals, offices, and others buildings.

The Students will learn to install a system connection of interphone, interphone with outdoor, interphone connection, interphone with electric lock connection, and system building emergency alarm. The student will also get to know type of switchs.

The system consists of modular blocks to enable the students learn signaling system installation in modular way. The panel type construction make it easy for students to conduct experiments, supplied with power supply for conducting experiments. All inputs and outputs on each panel are equipped with 4 mm connecting leads, 4 mm connecting cross.

Provided with experiment manual book.

Experiment topics:

  • Buzzer Controlled from One Point   
  • Installations of Buzzer with Call and Reply from 2 Point
  • Installations of Buzzer with Call and Reply from 3 Point
  • Installations of Buzzer for Flats with Gate-keeper Lodge and Electric Lock
  • Building Emergency Alarm
  • Offices Call Request
  • Signaling Installations for Hotel
  • Signaling installations for Hospital
  • Installations with a 3-interphone System
  • Installations with a 3-interphone System and Outdoor Interphone
  • Installations with a 3-interphone System and out door Interphone Complete with Electric Lock

Complete specification.

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