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PT 970102AL
Advanced PLC Trainer with HMI

Advanced PLC Trainer with HMI is designed to ease of teaching and ease of learning to develop the skill in industrial automation system. Model and simulation that are included make the aim of learning will be fast achieved and simple.

Digital expansion module is included to widen digital output, as well as analog input/output expansion module for analog to digital interfacing and vice versa. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) is visualizing the plant process information.

Panel construction type allows student to perform their experiment easily. Student can learn modularly.

All input and output terminals are 4mm plugs and protected.

Completed with experiment guide book.

Experiment topics:

  • Introduction to PLC
  • Basic programming
  • Output instruction
  • Logic instruction
  • Time instruction
  • Enumeration instruction
  • Simulation: Running a motor using contactor
  • PLC application in traffic light control
  • Digital output expansion module 8ET1
  • Analog output expansion module MAD01
  • HMI

Complete specification.

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