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Workshop of Basic Level of Laboratory Management, June 17, 2017
On Saturday, June 17, 2017, Pudak Scientific held the “Workshop of Basic Level of Science Laboratory Management”. Recently, government gave more attention to school science laboratory by providing more science laboratory aids for schools in order to improve learning quality in laboratories.
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Workshop of Schoolís Science Laboratory Safety and Waste Management, June 3, 2017
In the beginning of Ramadan month of 1438 H, on June 3, 2017, Pudak Scientific, the biggest educational aids producer in Indonesia, held a workshop about laboratory safety and waste management.  Safety in laboratory should be a priority because working in laboratory is high risk, however, most laboratory school users rule out this aspect.
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Happy Ramadhan 1438 H
Board of directors and staffs of Pudak Scientific would like to wish  a  blessed and peaceful Ramadan month of 1438 Hijri to all muslims.
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Along with the Indonesian Resurgence Day, Letís also Resurge Indonesian Education
At the same time as the Indonesian Resurgence Day on May 20, 2017, Pudak Scientific held the “Workshop of Biotechnology Learning”. This workshop was for science/biology teachers of junior high school and senior high school, anyone interested to improve their competence and knowledge in biotechnology were welcomed to register as participant.
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Workshop of Science and Mathematics Teaching Aids Development
Teaching aids are made to support learning process to be more interesting and meaningful that the material conveyed in class will be more understandable to students. However, not all teachers in Indonesia use teaching aids in their learning process in class, that make learning result is not optimum.
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Happy Vesak Day 2561 BE
Board of directors and staffs of PUdak Scientific would like to wish you a Happy Vesak Day of 2561 BE.
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Workshop of Laboratory Management, Basic Level, April 29, 2017
Pudak Scientific always try to actively involved in improving Indonesian education to keep up with the world development.
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Indonesian National Education Day 2017

Happy National Education Day, May 2, 2017.

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Happy Nyepi Day and Saka New Year 1939
Pudak Scientific wishes a Good Nyepi Day and Happy Saka New Year of 1939.
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Experiment is a Must in Chemistry Learning
Science learning, particularly chemistry, required experiment most of the time. In addition to exercising the motor skill, experiment also improves attitude and decrease misconception that often occurred in chemistry learning.
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Workshop of Laboratory Management, March 9, 2017
In accordance with our vision and mission to continue to play an  active role in improving the quality of Indonesian education, Pudak Scientific had once again held the Workshop of Laboratory Management on March 9, 2017.
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Microscope Optimization for a More Meaningful Learning Activity
Science learning, particularly Biology, cannot exclude microscope. Microscope is vital for most Biology topics.
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