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Change of office hours during the Month of Ramadan

During the Month of Ramadan, there is a change in our office hours.

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National Level Training Session on Laboratory Management Trainings for Junior High and High School Teachers

PUDAK SCIENTIFIC has organized a national level training session on Laboratory Management Trainings for Junior High and High School Teachers.

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Invitation for a Laboratory Management Traning session, Saturday, July 14, 2012

On this Saturday, July 14, 2012, there will be a Laboratory Management Traning session.

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A summary regarding education expo events that we participated recently

Recently we have participated in two education exhibition events.

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Our participation at the Kuark Science Olimpiad 2012

PUDAK SCIENTIFIC is always committed to actively involved in improving the world of education.

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Visit our booth at the Unpad National Mathematics Conference XVI, Jatinangor

We are taking place at the National Mathematics Conference XVI, Unpad, Jatinangor.

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Introducing our new product: Multimedia Microscope (BEM 126)

Innovative product from Pudak Scientific: Multimedia Microscope (BEM 126).

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Visit our booth at the Madrasah Science Competition 2012

We are taking part in an exhibition at the National Level Madrasah Science Competition and Islamic Education Expo 2012.

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We recently participated in a Seminar for Vocational Schools

A bit summary about our participation in Seminar for Vocational Schools in West Java.

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Our Training Panel System is installed at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia
It is a big honor for us that the Institute of Technology of Cambodia, Phnom Penh – Cambodia is using our Training Panel System (TPS) product.
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Visit our booth at the "West Java Distinguished Vocational School Model Exhibition", June 20, 2012

We will be participating in an exhibition that will take place on June 20, 2012 in Bandung.

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Invitation for a training session: New Way in Teaching Mathematics to Elementary School Students (MaSDa)

New Way in Teaching Mathematics to Elementary School Students.

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