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MaSDa - Elementary School Mathematics

MaSDa, (Elementary School Math), is a set of mathematical teaching aid intended for Elementary School Teachers and Students. This set of tools based on the Technical Specification of Teaching Aids Mathematics Dissemination (Alternative I) issued by the Ministry of National Education in 2009.

MaSDa is designed with two systems: classical systems by means of a relatively large size, used by the teacher in front of the classroom, and individual or group of systems used by students either individually or in groups. Both systems are expected to provide flexibility for teachers to convey the material being taught, and students can more quickly understand the material presented by the teachers.

MaSDa consists of 44 teaching aids and supplied with supporting books for reference, six pieces of interactive CD that contains materials relating to MaSDa, Apparatus Usage Guide for teachers which is based on the KTSP curriculum, and
Apparatus Usage Guide for students which is in the form of student worksheet contains a series of activities or experiments that must be done students.

Apparatus cabinet  which is equiped with storage boxes is provided separately.

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