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As a fast growing business in manufacturer of educational teaching aids and laboratory instruments, Pudak Scientific believes that, in addition to its advancement of technology and management, Human resources are the main assets. Therefore, from time to time, Pudak Scientific may offer career opportunities to hard-working, creative and dynamic professionals who wish to join with us.
We are constantly looking for people with vision to join us and help carry our business forward. The work is academically rigorous and intellectually demanding. We do appreciate all the effort and loyalty given by our employees to the company as a basic foundation to retain our much potential and competent employees.
As a contribution and dedication to world of education, we also invite all of student from vocational schools and college student for doing apprentice in our company. Every year, more than 100 students are becoming our apprentice.
If you have an interest in world of education, have a passion in developing it, and you are highly motivated and skillful, we offer you to join with us in Pudak Scientific.
Please send your application letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV) to :
HRD Dept. - PUDAK Scientific
Jl. Pudak No. 4
Bandung 40113
Jawa Barat – Indonesia
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