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Pudak Scientific provide an advanced technology MATRIX FORMULA FLOWCODE Robot
Regarding the needs of robotics technology, Pudak Scientific provide an advanced technology MATRIX FORMULA FLOWCODE Robot.
FORMULA robot is a low cost, all-inclusive solution robot vehicle which is used to teach robotics, control, programming as the technology education curriculum of the junior and senior high school.
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On behalf of PUDAK SCIENTIFICís Staffs and Director, we would like to say HAPPY & BLESS EID MUBARAK DAY 1430HĒ
To all our Customers and Suppliers,
On behalf of PUDAK SCIENTIFIC’s Staffs and Director, we would like to say:
“Happy & Bless Eid Mubarak Day 1430H”.
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Participate on Internasional exhibition WORLDDIDAC ASIA 2009, Bangkok Thailand

Pudak Scientific together with CMA (Centre of Microcomputer Applications)-The Netherlands, will co-participate in the international exhibition of educational equipments WORLDDIDAC ASIA 2009.

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Video Company Profile Pudak Scientific English Version

Video about activity of Pudak Scientific can be seen on   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C1cEYehsA4.

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Video Company Profile Pudak Scientific

Video about activity of Pudak Scientific can be seen on  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdgytjV-120.

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Launching Website PT. Pudak Scientific
At the end of 2009, PT. Pudak Scientific offcially launch the website of Precision Part Machining, www.pudak-machinery.com.
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UNPAR Training Course for Teacherís Physic 2009 at Pudak Scientific
UNPAR Training Course for Teacher’s Physic 2009 at Pudak Scientific. This event starts with the tour around the production facility of Pudak Scientific at Gedebage, Bandung. The first session, is an explanation about sonar from Mr. Janto V. Sulungbudi together with the introduction of new products ”Computer Base Science Experiments - CMA” which are also used in this event.
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The name is “DAFIC” derive from puDAk scientiFIC. The name is easy to pronounce and to remember. Character in the form of boiling flask.

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Physics equipments specially made for Physics Competition

Together with PT Kandel, we developed and manufacture the physics equipments specially made for training the high school students for the Physics Competition events.

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PUDAK SCIENTIFIC as a manufacturer of teaching aids, for the third time supports the "Physics Teacher Training" event which was organized by Faculty of Information Technology and Science of Parahyangan Catholic University - Bandung.

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Pudak Scientific Received MURI Record

Pudak Scientific, menerima penghargaan Rekor MURI dalam acara Kegiatan Olimpiade Air dan Rekor MURI Minum Air Embun dan Janji Air yang diikuti oleh lebih dari 1000 siswa pada tanggal 13 Juni 2009 di Sundial, Kota Baru Parahyangan.

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Pudak Scientific appointed as CMA's distributor

Starting on 2009, Pudak Scientific appointed as distributor for Indonesian market for hardware and software products developed by CMA (Centre of Microcomputer Applications) and AMSTEL Institute University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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