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Pudak Precision Part Machining

Pudak Precision Part Machining is experienced in providing the consumer's needs in manufacturing precision components in accordance with the international standard.

Supported by sophisticated CNC machines, best cutting tools, as well as high technology measuring tools, we are ready to provide various components and molds works with high precision level for various industries, such as: aeronautical, automotive, mechanics, small components for electronic spare parts, and others. We can work on component's tolerance up to 5 microns.

We can process various materials, ranging from AMS grade stainless steel, hardened stainless steel, alloy steel, common steel, non-ferrous metal, high grade alloy aluminum and technical plastics.

For more information, please go to www.pudak-machinery.com.

leXsolar GmbH

LeXsolar GmbH is an educational aids producer from Germany which focus is producing educational aids on renewable energy. The main purpose of this company is to bring students and common people closer to the renewable energy, thus they will have more interest and better understanding about the renewable energy. The motto of this company is “Together with you, we’ll develop enthusiasm for renewable energy and will contribute to the energy transition.” For more information, please visit: http://www.lexsolar.de

leXsolar GmbH
Strehlener Straße 12 - 14
D-01069 Dresden, Germany
Phone: + 49 351 47 96 56 0
Fax: + 49 351 47 96 56 111
E-Mail: info@lexsolar.de

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Pesona Edu

Pesona Edu is the developer of the Pesona Fisika and Pesona Matematika educational softwares. PesonaEdu softwares is the answer to the assumption that education is not only the school's responsibility but also the parents’. The presence of PesonaEdu softwares in houses is expected to make children attracted and loves to learn, especially in math and science.

PT. Pesona Edu
Jl. R.P Surosa 18, Gondangdia Lama
Menteng - Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-3190 4555
Website: www.pesonaedu.com

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PT. Kuark Internasional is an educational book publisher for children. The Komik Sains Kuark published by this company appears as a mean to help children learning and knowing science in an easy and fun way. Komik Sains Kuark is available in 4 different levels: Level 1 (grade 1-2 elementary school), Level 2 (grade 3-4 elementary school), Level 3 (grade 5-6 elementary school), Level 4 (junior high school).

Since 2007, PT Kuark Internasional has organized The Kuark Science Olympic which is open for elementary school students throughout Indonesia.

PT Kuark Internasional
Permata Hijau D11-12, Jakarta 12210
Phone: 021-530 2060, 5302061
Fax: 021-536 2049
Website: www.komikuark.net

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Citra Sabda Abadi computer (CSA)

Citra Sabda Abadi computer (CSA) is a provider of computer solution and information technology, especially in the field of management information system. CSA is known by its practical and simple solutions but effectively solves its clients' problems and needs. This is in line with CSA mission, "Become a True Partner" for its customers.

CSA products, CSA software, are unique softwares with typical architecture to fulfill the middle-class companies overall needs. Even though it comprehensive, its scalable design allows the CSA software can be implemented in stages. The software packages of ROSSY, INDRI, IRMA are basic software that will grow, develop, and adapt to its users company or organization.

CSA computer
Jl. Cihampelas 42 Bandung 40116
Telp: 022-4217642, 70716442
Fax: 022-4217642
Email: info@csacomputer.com


Matrix is a leading company based on global technology which is headquartered in Halifax, England. Since 1993, it has developed award-winning products portfolio which is applicable to educational world, industry, and household.

The main products include Flowcode. This is a sophisticated graphical programming language for micro-controller. With its various simplicity, those who has a little experience will capable to develop electronic system, even the complex ones. Flowcode, the product that achieved the Worlddidac Awaard 2008, is widely used in educational fields as well as in industrial fields. There is also the Formula Flowcode, a robotic device which is used in robotic learning, and as the platform for robotic competitions.

For further Information, click here.
Logo Spice.jpg

Spirit Camp Educity (SPICE), a camp with the vision and mission:

  • Providing the fun and educative playing facilities.
  • Introducing the Floor Time to the children and parents, that is a special time spent together to interact and communicate while playing games.
  • Directing the children to explore their own potential and to have dreams related to science and technology.
  • Returning children to their world, which is the playing world, indoor as well as outdoor with nature joyfully.
  • Encouraging parents to prepare the children's future through education as best as they can be.

SPICE (Spirit Camp Educity)
Bale Pare - Kota Baru Parahyangan (KBP)
Tel: +62-22-6803655

PT. Iwaki Glass Indonesia

PT. IGI IWAKI GLASS INDONESIA is a joint venture company engaged in the manufacturing of international standard laboratory glassware under the famous brand of PYREX - IWAKI.

With modern machineries and unique glass blowing techniques, it produces various kind and size of glassware, such as beakers, flasks, reaction tubes, and volumetric wares as well as glassware with special specification in accordance with customer’s requirements.

These glassware products are reserved for Indonesia and to be exported to Japan.

The company has received the certification of Quality Management ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

For further information please contact to:
Address   : Kawasan Industri Dwipapuri Abadi Blok N.8
                Jl. Raya Rancaekek Km. 24,5 Sumedang 45364
Tel          : 022-7780022
Fax         : 022-7793823
E-mail     : igi@melsa.net.id

Pusat Peragaan Ilmu Pengetahuan & Teknologi

The Pusat Peragaan Ilmu Pengetahuan dan Teknologi Jawa Barat (Demonstration Center of Science and Technology) - PUSPA IPTEK Jawa Barat - is located in the The Biggest Sundial, in Kota Baru Parahyangan, Bandung. There are various interactive educational facilities for various ages in PUSPA IPTEK. For more information, click here.

Rumah Sains ILMA

Rumah Sains ILMA, managed by A. Muzi Marpaung, is a place where children can come to play, ask about nature, tell stories about their dreams, and do simple science experiments. Children can do scientific and technical experiments with plastic straw, used drinking glasses, or bicycle inner tubes. They can also explore plants in the yard or do something with various stuff available in the kitchen. The purpose of those activities are for children to grow to be their true self, who are explorative, curious, dare to try, opens, and fun For more information, click here.

CMA (Centre of Microcomputer Applications)

The CMA - Centre for Microcomputer Applications - is an education institution of science and technology which is founded by The AMSTEL Institute - Faculty of Science, Mathematics and Informatics - Universiteit van Amsterdam. For detail information, click here.

PT. Kandel
PT. KANDEL, which is located in Karawaci, Tangerang, Indonesia, provides products and services in improving the education quality of science and mathematics for elementary and junior high in Indonesia. PT KANDEL achieved high reputation upon the support of Prof. Yohanes Surya, Ph.D. who often trains Indonesian students to win educational competitions. For detail information, click here.
Sekolah Kuntum Cemerlang
Sekolah Kuntum Cemerlang is a formal school based on the closeness to the nature that is “varied and inspirational”, where children are invited to learn in an attractive-integrated way to explore and grow their own potential fully. For detailed information, click here.
If you want to become partner of Pudak, please click here.
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