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Pudak is a name of typical Javanese flower known for pleasant odor and one of many special flower of Indonesia.
Pudak Scientific was founded in 1978 in Bandung. Bandung is a city with conducive environments which are premises for various industries, numerous schools, prominent universities and research institutes and in return provides qualified human resources for up to date development.
From the beginning PUDAK SCIENTIFIC directed itself as partner in educational equipment which developing, manufacturing and distributing various educational products and systems or general schools, vocational and training schools, higher education institutes and universities.
Now, in 3.2 hectares plant area and 12.000m2 buildings for administration, manufacturing, warehouse facilities and R&D departement, our 1000 highly qualify staff, experts and employees combined with modern manufacturing process and management producing high quality products and services with competitive price.
R&D R&D Warehouse

Pudak Scientific becomes the national company that produce educational aids and laboratory equipment that is the biggest in Indonesia and equal to the other world class similar companies.

Pudak Scientific is a national company that actively involved in developing the nation's intellectual life through the manufacture industry of educational aids and laboratory equipment that meet the international quality standards requirements for schools, universities, and training centers; as well as actively involved in supporting the educators' competence improvement by organizing trainings for teachers.

We offer wide range of educational equipments in the fields of:
Natural science (chemistry, physics, biology).
Training equipments for vocational training
Laboratory furniture
Examples of equipments for the level of education are as follows:
Kindergarten Level
Models from woods for early years teaching equipments (APE series).
Primary School Level
Integrated Instrument Box for Science (KIT IPA - SD) and SEQIP Kit  (completed science equipments in cupboard).
Junior High Level
Physics Kit which covering topics of optics, mechanics, electrics, hydrostatics and thermodynamics. Junior Chemistry Kit covering introductory and basic chemistry.
Senior High Level
Physic Kit which covering topics of optics, mechanics, electromagnetic and wave. Senior Chemistry Kit covering organic and anorganic experiments.
Vocational Training
Training Panel System (TPS series) which covering the fields of electrical, electronics, pneumatics, hydraulic, refrigeration and physics with equipment such as basic electronic trainer, color TV/video/cassette trainer, AM/FM trainer, servo trainer and etc. Automotive Trainer System (ATS Series) which covering mostly the Automotive topics.
University Level
Our products for university level are still limited, some of them are experiments of Electron Beam, Milikan Oil Drop, Franck Hertz's, Hall effect and etc.
cnc takisawaex matres
tampatatas gelas pon

In our factory the educational equipments are produce through an integrated manufacturing process from the CAD design drawing, prototyping, in-house precise mouldmaking equipped with CNC machines and so on, which are supported by divisions as follows:
Mechanic Assembly Division
Electronic  Assembly Division
Glass Working Division
Sheet Metal Working Division
Mould Making Division
Plastic Division
Woodworking Division
Optic Division
Quality Control Division
Research and Development Division
The highly in-house manufacturing process of components and products in our well managed factory combining with cost effective manufacturing process, ensure the consistent of high quality and cut production cost of educational equipments.  Which in return provide competitive price advantages for the customer.
Research and Development
The fact that education is an everlasting activity, our R&D department is intensively working to develop and improve the equipment, software, and brain-ware. We also collaborate with famous university and teacher upgrading center. New technology and techniques are immediately implemented in the development of new equipments.
Sales and Distribution
Dynamics sales and marketing staff combined with the automated database sales system will serve customers with fast response and reliable services.
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