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Since 2009, Pudak Scientific has held various workshops for teachers of elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and the equivalents. Until now, 3000 participants have attended our workshops. We held these science and mathematics workshops to improve teachers’ competences.
To reach more teachers in more regions, since 2014, Pudak Scientific have initiate the movement of “Pudak Loves Teachers”. Through this movement Pudak Scientific is developing workshops for field other than science.
We provide the following facilities for the social science workshops:
Supported by speakers and experts who are professional and competent in their field.
Certificate has 30 hours value of training and credit score.
Workshop’s topics include:
  • geography,
  • economy,
  • history,
  • integrated social science.
  • .
    60 minutes industrial visit to Pudak Scientific’s manufactory (Gedebage)
    Workshop room resembles school laboratory, air-conditioned, spacious, convenient, and equipped with wifi. Praying room, dining room, and toilet are also available.
    Stationeries, material handout, educational aids catalogue, and educational aids for experiments are provided.
    Transportation from Pudak Scientific’s head office to Pudak Training Center (Gedebage).
    Do You Want to Invite Us to Your City?
    We offer cooperation for universities, MGMP (teacher’s organization), institutions, or educational organizations to held workshops with us. For further information regarding workshop organizing cooperation, please contact us at (022) 7272755.
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