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According to our motto : “Your Partner in Education” we offer numerous solutions for customer:
Products diversity to accommodate customer need
We offer more than 3000 items with 30000 components or spare parts. Started with a simple educational equipments up to complex trainer systems, and a single item up to a set of equipments in form of modular kit.
Customer will have more freedom to choose our appropriate products based on the need of education level, topic of learning, and even the available budget you have.
Other than that, we also provide set of equipments according to international curriculum such as Cambridge curriculum. For more information please click here.
Quality and Durability
Each of equipments parts are made from a good quality of materials, which resulting a good quality and durable products. Some of the materials are:
Heat proof borosilicate glass for glasswares.
Optics glass for lenses, prisms, and glass block.
Mould plastic component using ABS plastic and PS-HI for sturdiness and SAN plastic or PC for transparent components.
Stainless steel as a replacement of iron coated chrome or paint.
Die casting aluminium and anodized extrusion aluminium.
Brass connector coated with nickel for minimum resistance.
Powder coating for iron components for rust-proof and anti-scratch.
One-stop shopping with competitive price
Almost all our educational equipments are manufactured in our factory. Good management and effective manufacturing cost process resulting in consistency in product quality with lower cost of production. As a result, Pudak can offers quality products with a competitive price which has become your benefit as a customer.
Diversity in our product range, goods availability, and competitive price will make our customer much easier for doing one-stop shopping.
Our educational equipments have been widely used in government school and private school in the whole part of Indonesia area and exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, UEA, England, etc.
Guarantee and After Sales Service
We give full 12 months guarantee of our products, including spare-parts and repairing service cost. We assuring of spare-part availability for five years.
Custom-made products
With our highly skilled R&D team and support from teaching expertise, Pudak Scientific is able to design and construct educational equipments according to the specification you need. For example, designing a kit consist of components different from particular kit for certain curriculum. For more information please click here.
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