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GLA 305 02
Language Laboratory Future AAC, 30 students

FUTURE - F8000 is an effective , interactive and communicative media for language learning, which was designed by experienced experts using the latest technology to get the perfect functionality and ease of operation with high quality and spare parts support and repair services. FUTURE-F8000's standard function meets the standards required by the system, AA (active audio), AAC (audio active comparative) such as intercom, call, all call, program playback, monitor, and lecture programs. Also equipped with language editing module facilities such as sp, sps, SSpS, spsp, ab repeat, bookmarks and double speed record. The system can be developed and added other functions such as CAI, random tests, free exam, exam analyzer, internet and multimedia.


  • Class with keyboard controls.

Function buttons on the main control console is designed in a modular and rationally by placing the student position buttons on the left and the function buttons to the right so as to facilitate the operation.

  • Program Module

Four programs can be applied to the student unit. Instructor can make all the calls settings, instructions and the appointment of a program, and completed with the test function.

  • Student record control module.
  • Intercom module

Students communicate in pairs, the instructors talked to one group or choose up to six students to communicate and be heard by the entire class.

  • Monitor module

Instructor can supervise the activities of either individual students or groups.

  • Button module on the students unit.
  • Audio aids module.
  • Can control up to 64 students in one class.
  • Easy operation.

Specifications TYPE AAC

  • Computer Intel Pentium III 700MHz
  • Main Console
  • Main Control Console F8000A
  • LS-9032 Main Tape Recorder
  • LS-9050 Student Tape Recorder
  • ECD-ECD-4 or 6 head set
  • Power supply and communication cables
  • MB-7011 Main Control Box
  • Power supply
  • B-1 Students Table (twins)
  • Tool usage training
  • Manual operation

*For further details & price please contact us: sales@pudak.com

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