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Fake Article
Based on the circulation of articles about the offer of computer products from Pudak Scientific on several sites / blogs.
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Happy Easter 2018
Pudak Scientific wishes you a Happy Easter Day 2018.
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Happy Nyepi Day and Saka New Year 1940
Pudak Scientific wishes a Good Nyepi Day and Happy Saka New Year of 1940.
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Butet Manurung: Indonesian Indigenous People Advocate
Her name is Saur Marlina Manurung, an "Indiana Jones" from Indonesia. Indonesian majority public, even abroad, better knows her as Butet Manurung. Generation of 2000 maybe knows her after the publication of Sokola Rimba movie at the end of 2013. A movie that tales Butet's life story as a teacher in the wild.
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Happy Chinese New Year 2018
Pudak Scientific wishes you a Happy Chinese New Year 2018.
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Pudak Scientific New Products
According to the needs in education field in facing the latest technology era, Pudak Scientific has launched some new products in the form of Training Panel System (TPS) related to vocational school educational aids.
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Training in Batam
Sempurna will cooperate with Pudak Scientific and hold workshops in Batam.
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Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018
Merry Christmas 2017 and Happy New Year 2018.
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Towards Pudak Scientific Educational Workshops of 2018
In 2017 Pudak Scientific has held various educational workshops, the ones held regularly at Pudak Training Center and the ones held incorporated with Pudak Scientific’s partners, in Bandung or any other cities in Indonesia.
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Maria Walanda Maramis: National Movement Heroine
Maria Walanda Maramis is one of Indonesia's heroines who contributed in developing the condition of Indonesian women in early 20th century. She was awarded the Hero of National Movement by Indonesian government on May 20, 1969. A statue to commemorate her has been built in Komo Luar, Wenang, North Sulawesi. Every December 1, Minahasa people celebrate the day of Ibu Maria Walanda Maramis.
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Roehana Koeddoes: A Heroine of Education and Journalism
Roehana lived in the same era as Kartini, when Indonesian woman had restricted access to education. She was one of Indonesian women who fight for women emancipation. Her fight to improve Indonesian woman well being was not only through education, but also through journalism, she was the journalist who initiated Soenting Melaju, a newspaper dedicated for women.
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Workshop of School’s Science Laboratory Safety and Waste Management
Even thought it should be the primary attention during experiment in school laboratory, most schools in Indonesia have not paid enough attention toward the safety in school science laboratory. Besides the safety, laboratory waste disposal procedure is often neglected.
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