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PT 010501
Digital Satellite Receiver Trainer
The Digital Satellite Receiver Trainer is designed for teaching and learning the basic knowledge on installation and device settings of a complete satellite receiver. Block diagram of the Digital Satellite Receiver is included that can be used as installation guide.

In a training, students can immediately practice to install, assemble and set up the device as well as field trials, so that the students can understand the working principles of each stage of the satellite television receiver systems.

The Digital Satellite Receiver Trainer is excellent in providing knowledge on basic skills regarding:
  • Installation and setup of Feedhorn Low Noise Block (LNBF) Converter
  • Parabolic Antenna Alignment based on location
  • Installation and alignment of a parabolic dish reflector and the connection from the LNB to the receiver using a coaxial cable
  • Provided with software CD to guide the satellite signal receiving antenna alignment
  • The setting and set up program on the receiving device both manually and automatically
Equipped with work supporting facilities stored on shelves covered with a safety lock.
Provided with experiment manual book.

Experiment topics:
  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • Digital Satellite Receiver System
  • Introduction of Basic Components Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Parabolic Dish Antenna Installation Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Parabolic Antenna Actuator Installation
  • Positioner Module Operation
  • Setting Position and Direction Antenna Digital Satellite Receiver

Complete specification.

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