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PT 991225
Closed Circuit Televison Trainer
Closed Circuit Television Trainer is designed as teaching aid to give basic knowledge of installation, device settings and maintaining of CCTV System. The training device is designed with using the common 4-channel CCTV System mounted on a panel, and CCTV cameras formed as sparates modules that are inserted in the frame panel system. A schematic block diagram of basic 4-channel CCTV system is printed on panel, that can clearly be used as installation guide.

Students can directly carry out practice setting up CCTV connections, setting up the DVR, practicing surveillance techniques via pc / laptop or Smartphone as well as field trials.

Closed Circuit Television Trainer excellence to provide knowledge of basic skills regarding:
  • Determining the type and the usage of different cameras   
  • Installing the CCTV Cameras, DVR System, record, search and backup recording data
  • Setup the DVR, Setting and configure CCTV as a Stand-alone system
  • Setting CCTV networking system with WIFI router and internet
Equipped with WIFI-router and RJ45 cable facilities.
Provided with experiment manual book.

Experiment topics:
  • Basical of CCTV Camera Systems   
  • Signal Transmission and Connecting cable of CCTV System.   
  • Schematic Block diagram of CCTV System   
  • Installing Camera and DVR for Stand alone Operation   
  • Setup and operating DVR
  • Recording, Searching, and backup record data;   
  • Camera Possitioning of surveillance area.   
  • Setup DVR to Networking using pc/Laptop
  • Setup DVR Networking by using Router LAN and using WIFI connection
  • Monitoring surveillance area via Smartphone

Complete specification.

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