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Pudak Goes to School
Pudak Scientific is back to share the excitement and joy in the Pudak Goes to School activity.

Currently, El Fitra Bandung Elementary School became the 6th school where the Pudak Goes to School activity was held. Taking the theme of Laboratory Review, the Technical Support team from Pudak Scientific provided training and sharing with teachers and laboratory assistants to organize and manage standardized elementary school laboratories.

Pudak Scientific's Technical Support team shared their experiences on laboratory management and various knowledge, such as technical basics for the laboratory, standard arrangement of a laboratory, utilization of tools in the laboratory.

Follow the progress of Pudak Goes to School activity and continue to support us in advancing education in Indonesia.

For further information, please contact us:
Technical Support
Telephone: +62 22-7231-046 Ext. 1160/1161/1162
Email: technical.support@pudak.com

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